Pragmatic Portfolios, LLC generally holds client meetings by appointment only. For in-person meetings I use private meeting space at Peabody Place (112 S. Duke St., Durham NC, 27701) – this is in a gorgeous building with a convenient location near Durham’s Brightleaf Square.

The office is in the same building as Parker and Otis. Though the address is on Duke St., the entrance is on the back side of the building. A good place to park would be in that little lot on W. Peabody St. in between Lilly's Pizza and the back side of Parker and Otis.

Park on the RIGHT side of the lot (on the Parker and Otis side, NOT on the Lilly's Pizza side). If you can't find a spot in the lot, hopefully you can score one on W. Peabody St.

Then walk up to the right side of the back porch behind Parker and Otis, where you should see an "OnPulse" sign on the doors. We can meet out on the patio near those doors, then we can walk from there back into a conference room.

Peabody Place