Pragmatic Portfolios, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser in Durham, North Carolina that provides practical, unbiased advice to assist clients in reaching their long term financial goals. Currently I'm not taking on additional clients, though I hope to be able to work with a few more at a future time.

Could you benefit from any of the following?
  • Peace of mind through a partnership with a conflict-free adviser who knows you as a person not a number, and can meet flexibly according to your schedule
  • Practical, rational investing strategy developed according your unique situation and goals, based on research results rather than marketing fluff
  • Portfolio tuneup that sensibly selects mutual funds according to your big picture, creating efficient order from a disorganized, hodge-podge set of investment accounts accumulated over the years
  • Help balancing opposing yet natural human emotions of fear vs. greed
  • Second opinion on an investment portfolio that you will continue to manage yourself
  • Go-to person and sounding board who advocates a well-reasoned wealth management approach instead of impulsive, shotgun behavior
  • Time and energy savings through offloading investment management responsibilities to a professional
  • Assistance with changed financial circumstances such as a job-change, retirement, marriage, divorce, birth or death in the family, inheritance, or a lump-sum from a retirement-plan
  • Trustworthy advice for an investment "newbie" that has recently become responsible for managing a portfolio - either for yourself or a dearly loved family member
Services include:
  • Honest, unbiased, independent and fee-only advice designed in your best interests
  • Investment plan design featuring widely diversified asset classes and necessary tradeoffs among competing desires for higher (potential) returns vs. lower risks
  • Efficient recommendations that usually reduce overall investment costs (expenses, taxes, transaction fees, commissions, etc.)
  • Client education that emphasizes regular saving and adhering to an investment plan designed for varying market conditions
  • Disciplined portfolio management by a trusted adviser who understands the objectives of clients who may not have the time, interest, aptitude or intestinal fortitude required to regularly maintain their investments according to plan

I hope you'll agree this honest, straightforward advisory approach offers a refreshing alternative to the conflicts of interest that are so common elsewhere within the financial industry.

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